About Us

Dice Kings™ is an online gaming website which was created by people with years of experience in the industry with one simple goal to achieve: to serve their customers with the best offers and support in the industry. Run by pioneers of the gaming industry they know that the customer always comes first. Dice Kings™ provides the best and most reliable support to its player base. In return this brings a unique and trustworthy relationship between Dice Kings™ and their players.

Dice Kings™ offers its customers a vast array of products for their pleasure, such as sports betting, online casino, live betting, mobile betting, live casino, mobile gaming and more. As mentioned above we aim to provide the best customer support service the industry has to offer.

With a strong background, large game variation offering and impeccable customer support, Dice Kings™ is the way to go for any online gaming fan around the world.

We wish to thank you for choosing Dice Kings™ as your online gaming provider and it is our hope that you not only enjoy but love playing with us. If there is anything else you wish to know or need please feel free to contact us.